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Often referred to as 'sim slots', these simulations of regular slot machines have gained the attention of many gamblers. The realistic reproduction of the one-armed bandit on your computer screen is truly impressive in some cases and although the battle for realism between software companies continues, many players are satisfied with what is offered today.

Programming a simulated slot machine requires endless hours of work. It requires a good imagination and a great deal of knowledge about the workings of a slot machine. Designing sim slots often involves more that one person, unless he or she is extremely talented in all areas involved. A designer, programmer and a slot machine expert all have a say in the final outcome of the game.

First, a graphical user interface is necessary in order for the player to interact with the game logic. A decision has to be made whether to reproduce the entire slot machine or only the bare essentials namely the reels and handle. Both designs can have a realistic feel depending on their appearance and sound effects. The spinning reels, flashing lights and accompanying ringing bells are all part of making the simulation as real as possible.

Then of course comes the programming of the game logic. Since there is such a wide variety of slot machines and every place you visit offers different odds and payback percentages, how you program your sim slots is not always an easy decision to make. Do you want to offer Vegas odds or better than Vegas odds? Everything has to be taken into account when designing a simulated version of the slot machine and the final decision should somewhat reflect a real-life situation. Part of the programming end is co-ordinating the animations and sounds to match the result of the spin.

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