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Slot Types

As we're all very well aware of, there are many different slot types that can please the increasing number of slot players today. No matter where you happen to be, there's a sure way to enjoy a few games. Well, maybe if you're stranded on an island it may not be so easily done. Thanks to the masterminds in our society, slot machines have found their way onto the Internet. Not only can they be found in various different places, they also have a wide range of designs and game logic.

Casino Slots
The most popular slot machines, which also inspired the other slot types, are of course the famous casino slots. Taking up a large fraction of the casino floor and accompanied by their flashing lights and exciting sounds, the giant machines are one of the hardest games to miss. There is much more to casino slot machines than meets the eye, which is the steel case and spinning reels. Surely, slots have changed over time and what you once thought to be true may not be the case today. Read on to find out more.

Sim Slots
Simulation slots have gained in popularity over the last few years, especially with the continually increasing quality of the games, the goal being realism. There are always technical restraints that give the simulated machines the feel

Video Slots
There is a wide range of opinions pertaining to what constitutes video slots and here is my point of view. Although often confused, video slot machines vary in many ways from simulated slots; read this section for find out more and form an opinion of your own.

Progressive Slots
If you'd rather forfeit frequent little jackpots and go for the big enchilada, a progressive slot machine is just the thing for you. This section describes how progressives work, where to find them and what to look for when selecting a machine to play on.